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Galilee Dreams invites you to experience the essence of the Galilee by visiting our website and online store. We pack the Galilee scents and scenes in scented sachets filled with Galilee herbs, mini candles, and other beautiful hand-made gifts and souvenirs.

Our product range includes Mini, Classic, and Deluxe gift boxes, and more.

Enjoy your stay!

Our products are crafted with love to stimulate your 5 senses.

Our herbal gifts are made with all-organic methods and infuse your life with wellness.


"Galilee Dreams" brings you the special spirit of the Galilee with all-organic herbal products, visuals, and gifts that we developed, especially for you.

Our products and gifts will stimulate your five senses - the sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste. Using our products will enable you to experience the Galilee's essence as if you were here at the moment.


 The Galilee is more than a geographical area, more than just the northern part of Israel.

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