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 Nature-based gifts from the Galilee
meant to inspire

organic herbal products and Gifts

holy land gifts


Briefly about our products

Galilee Dreams invites you to experience the blessings of the Galilee.

We pack the Galilee scents and scenes in eco-dyed scented sachets with unique golden or silver patterns, filled with Galilee herbs, alongside mini candles and other beautiful hand-made original gifts.

By crafting our gifts and collections, we hope to inspire and uplift your spirit

and connect you to Galilee's historical and natural offerings.

Abundance . Blossom . Faith . Peace&Harmony . Galilee-Love



Our vision is to bring the Galilee blessings to people around the world. The Galilee's natural and historical uniqueness has inspired many. Just imagine the ancients walking on the Galilee trails at various historical times. In biblical times it was the home of the Naftali tribe "So they set apart Kedesh in Galilee in the hill country of Naphtali" (Joshua 20:7).

From the Galilee sprang many spiritual sages who breathed its air and walked along its paths over time.

 Jesus walked among the Galilee trails beneath the Galilee herbs on His many journeys.

Rashbi and later Kabbalists of Safed breathed the Galilee peak air and smelled

the Galilee herbs when they created the outstanding work of Kabbalah.

 Today the Galilee is a unique location, home of many cultures and religions,

and thus characterized as multicultural. With ​​green scenery, running water,

beautiful landscapes, it is immersed in a rich and unique history.

Exceeding Your Expectations