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The unique & special ornament that will bring Galilee nature 's blessings to you  this year. 

The sachets are eco dyed with natural colors derived from Galilee trees & herbs. 



3 Fun & Hope scented sachets herbal aroma from the Galilee (Tie & Dye)

  • Weight of  wrapping: 80g.

    Ingredients (herbs inside the scented sachet): Dried Wild Marjoram (Hyssop); Thyme; Sage; White Leaved Savory, Melissa officinalis, A trace of mint, 2 drops of these herbs essential oils.


     What should I do with the sachet? How can it help me?

    Continually connect to the Galilee herbal blessings by putting the sachet anywhere inside your home. set the sachet down next to your bed, and inhale the scent just before going to sleep, or before meditating. Don't forget to crush it a bit to intensify the scent. When you are not using the sachet, store it in the sealed bag (attached) to preserve the aroma.

    Some practical uses: The unique aroma has been known to alleviate breathing difficulties when catching a cold, keep away bad odors and insects anywhere you put it

    Expiry Date: written on the box.

    Important: Use the Scented Sachets just to smell the unique aroma of the Galilee herbs. The herbs in the sachet are not intended for eating or drinking, though they are not harmful. Galilee herbs are not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.