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Especially for you - a touch of the Galilee in the "Galilee Love" mini gift box that will spread the Galilee spirit inside your home by scents and scenes. Inside the gift box, you will find two products made by hand from trees & herbs that most symbolizes the Galilee.

 Discover The Galilee Love in the Gift Box:

  • The Aroma from the Galilee scented sachet is an original gift designed to remind us of the abundance in our life, symbolized by the colorful pomegranate. This tree has grown in Galilee's nature for ages. It is eco-dyed with natural colors derived from pomegranate fruits, hand-printed with an original golden Star of David design, and filled with dried organic aromatic Galilee herbs we grow for you. Its scent will whisk you into a Galilee field of herbs.
  • Galilee-Dreams hand-made mini olive oil candle that will spread the Galilee light in your home. The olive tree, the most common tree in the Galilee, has grown here for thousands of years. It signifies nature's generosity that bestows upon us every season, again and again, vitality, health, and good spirit. The mini candle is made of high-quality olive oil from our olive grove, blended with aromatic Galilee herbs

* This product was not made of Shabat. לא כרוך בחילול שבת


Galilee Love (Jewish tradition) mini gift box

    • By dyeing the scented sachet with colors made from pomegranate fruits from the Galilee, we embed into your sachet the qualities attributed to the pomegranate throughout the ages, such as abundance and prosperity.
    •  Our textile artist adds to each sachet beautiful golden original patterns of Magen David - The Star of David, designed to safeguard and shield you.
    • Gold signifies strength and power, thus intensifying the pomegranate's characteristics.

    But there is more:

    • The Galilee Love gift box also contains Galilee-Dreams hand-made mini olive oil candle that will spread the Galilee light at your home. It is made of high-quality olive oil blended with aromatic Galilee herbs. We picked the olives ourselves in our small organic olive grove in the Galilee.
    • Light the candle, and its delicate scent will whisk you into a Galilee field.