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Draw comfort from the beauty of Creation. The Pomegranate- the most beautiful fruit on earth, the stunning fruit that is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, that's shape is perfectly designed. Its plump red seeds are packed closely as within a womb, symbolizing life itself, so rich and powerful.


Abundance (Pomegranate dye & decor in a classic gift box)

  • Our scented sachet harnesses and enhances protection elements by giving you an herbal shield from the Galilee and connecting you to nature and its simple beauty. How?

     Inside the gift box, there are two scented sachets eco-dyed with natural colors derived from pomegranate fruits. Thus, we embed in the sachets the qualities that have been attributed to the pomegranate throughout the ages, such as abundance and prosperity. Our textile artist beautifies one of the sachets with an original pattern of pomegranate in gold.

    Connect to the abundance in your life!