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Galilee-Dreams hand-made mini olive oil candle that will spread the Galilee light in your home.

The olive tree, the most common tree in the Galilee, has grown here for thousands of years. It signifies nature's generosity that bestows upon us vitality, health, and good spirit every season again and again. We hand made this mini candle of high-quality olive oil from our olive grove, blended with aromatic Galilee herbs.

We pack the Galilee for you in this mini candle.


Galilee-Dreams hand-made mini olive oil candle infused with Galilee herbs

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  • Handmade

    Weight: 81g / 3.2oz

    Dimensions: 4*4 cm / 1.57*1.57 inch

    Ingredients: Olive oil; Soy wax; Galilee Herbs and their Essential oils: Wild Marjoram (Hyssop); Thyme; Sage; White-Leaved Savory

    Instructions: Light the candle and imagine you are in an olive grove among the Galilee herbs.

    The candle burns for approximately 7-8 hours.