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An original gift from the Galilee designed to remind us of  the abundance in our life, symbolized by the colorful pomegranate, a tree that has grown in Galilee nature for ages. It is eco dyed with natural colors derived from pomegranate fruits,  hand printed with an original golden Christian symbol design and filled with dried organic aromatic Galilee herbs we grow for you.  The Galilee herbs contained in the sachet are the same ones He smelled while walking all the way down from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee. Christ was the son of the Galilee where He spent most of His lifetime:  "He traveled throughout Galilee" (Mark 1:39).

Scented Sachet Aroma from Galilee - Herbal shield from the land of Jesus (mini)

  • Our scented sachet harnesses and enhances elements of protection, by giving you an herbal shield from the Galilee and connecting you to nature and to its simple beauty. How?

    • Inside the white gift box, you will find a scented sachet filled with a special blend of dried aromatic Galilee herbs we grow in our Galilee herb gardens with loving care, using organic methods with no pesticides. Each of the herbs in the sachet has been known for generations for its body and soul healing, protection and purification qualities.
    • The sachet containing the herbs is hand-dyed with coloring fluids produced from leaves, roots, fruits, bark and petals of Galilee trees and shrubs, such as oak and pomegranate. By this process, we embed in your sachet the qualities attributed to these plants throughout the ages, such as strength, resilience and abundance, thus making especially for you an additional herbal shield from the Galilee, the land of Jesus Christ.
    • Our textile artist adds to your sachet an original golden pattern of Christian traditional symbols designed to safeguard and shield you. Gold signifies strength and power, thus intensifying the plants' characteristics.