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We invite you to be part of a tradition that is thousands of years old, the olive culture. Many families in the Galilee have small olive groves and now is the harvest season. Thousands of olives are picked, gathered and brought to the olive presses by the family members. It is the yearly oil festival. Join this excitement during 2020!


We have prepared for you a seasonal present made in cooperation with our neighbor, Shiloach Family Farm who was awarded by TerraOlivo Israel for his family's oil quality. 


The present includes:


  • A tin can of Isreali Extra Virgin oil from Shiloach Family Farm( 8.45 fl-oz ,250 ml)
  • We have also packed in our seasonal present our mini olive oil candle made of our own quality olive oil blended with aromatic Galilee herbs. It will spread the Galilee light inside your home with the accompanying blessings of health, vitality and good spirit symbolized by the magnificent olive tree.

  • An eco-dyed scented sachet filled with a blend of aromatic Galilee herbs makes your Galilee experience richer.

    Make someone's Thanksgiving or Christmas gift a truly unique experience! For more information, click Product info.


Galilee olive combo

  • Gift box

    Weight: 450g / 15.9oz


    A tin can of Extra Virgin olive oil Shiloach family farm (Kosher).

    Weight: 8.45 fl-oz (250ml).


    Galilee Dreams mini olive oil candle

    Weight: 81g / 3.2oz

    Dimensions: 4*4 cm / 1.57*1.57 inch

    Ingredients: Olive oil; Soy wax; Galilee Herbs and their Essential oils: Wild Marjoram (Hyssop); Thyme; Sage; White-Leaved Savory

    Instructions: Light the candle and imagine you are in an olive grove among the Galilee herbs.

    The candle burns for approximately 7-8 hours.


    Galilee Dreams eco-dyed scented sachet filled with Galilee dried herbs

    Weight: 20g (0.7oz).

    Ingredients: Dried Wild Marjoram (Hyssop); Thyme; Sage; White Leaved Savory, Lemon Balm, a few drops of essential oils of these herbs.

    Instructions: Crush the sachet in your hand to intensify the scent.

    What should I do with the sachet? How can the sachet help me?

    • Continually connect to the Galilee spirit by putting the sachet anywhere inside your home. Don't forget to crush it a bit to intensify the scent. When you are not using the sachet, store it in the sealed bag (attached) to preserve the aroma.
    • Some practical uses: The unique aroma has been known to alleviate breathing difficulties when catching a cold, keep away bad odors and insects anywhere you put it.

    Expiry Date: written on the box.

    Important: Use the Scented Sachet to smell the unique aroma of the Galilee herbs. The herbs in the sachet are not intended for eating or drinking, though they are not harmful. Galilee herbs are not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.