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an original gift from the Galilee! 

This unique gift is designed to remind us of the abundance in our life, symbolized by the colorful pomegranate, a tree that has grown in Galilee nature for ages. It is eco-dyed with natural colors derived from pomegranate fruits, hand-printed with original golden pomegranate design, and filled with dried organic aromatic Galilee herbs we grow for you. Its scent will whisk you into a Galilee field of herbs.



Abundance scented sachet aroma from the Galilee (mini gift box)

    • By dyeing The scented sachet with colors made from pomegranate fruits from the Galilee, we embed into your sachet the qualities attributed to the pomegranate throughout the ages, such as abundance and prosperity.
    • Our textile artist adds to your sachet an original golden pattern of pomegranate, designed to remind you of the abundance in your life and the power of nature. Gold signifies strength and power, thus intensifying the pomegranate's characteristics.
    • We fill your sachet with a special blend of Galilee herbs we grow in our Galilee herb gardens with loving care, using organic methods with no pesticides. Each of the herbs in the sachet has been known for generations for its body and soul healing, protection, and purification qualities, and their scent is simply marvelous