Take a short nature trip in the Galilee and learn about Galilee plants and herbs...

The scenes and scents of the Galilee are integrated and combined together.

Scents bring to our mind specific moments and experiences in our life. 

Just think for a moment about the scent of a well-loved dish spreading throughout

the house and you are instantly reminded of your childhood, flavored with nostalgia. 

The land of the Bible also has its typical scenes and scents that bring back old memories.

The specific scents of the plants that grow in the Galilee's natural fields remind me of my

childhood during which I spent most of my days ambling around the wild shrubs and bushes.

Walking in the field, among the flowers, I would always look for the delicately blossoming bushes that were hiding behind the fascinating seasonal flowers, because those humble bushes had, and still have, the wonderful scents and tastes that bring to our life the unique aroma of the Galilee.


These herbs have been growing in this soil since Biblical times and their Hebrew names are preserved in the Biblical traditions: Biblical Hyssop, Salvia, White-Leaved Savory, Thyme and others. Each one of them has its own unique species that grows naturally in the Galilee today as well.