"Galilee Dreams" brings you the special spirit of the Galilee with all-organic herbal products, visuals and gifts that we developed especially for you. Our products and gifts will stimulate your 5 senses - the sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste.  Using our products will enable you to experience the essence of the Galilee as if you were here in the moment.  The Galilee is more than a geographical area, more than just the northern part of Israel.

Imagine the Ancients walking on the Galilee trails at various historical times! There is exciting evidence of the Galilee being home to mankind from almost a million years ago. In biblical times it was the home of the Naftali tribe "So they set apart Kedesh in Galilee in the hill country of Naphtali" (Joshua 20:7).

From the Galilee sprang many spiritual sages who breathed its air and walked

along  its paths over time; sages who developed religious and spiritual

movements throughout the ages.


Jesus walked among the Galilee trails beneath the Galilee herbs on His many journeys. Rashbi and later Kabbalists of Safed breathed the Galilee peak air and smelled the Galilee herbs when they created the wonderful work of Kabbalah.


Today the Galilee is a unique location, home of many cultures and religions,

and thus characterized as multicultural. With ​​green scenery, running water,

wonderful landscapes, it is immersed in a rich and unique history.


You are invited to discover the Galilee through our site and be a part of its unique spirit. Try our products – there is something special waiting for you!

Dr. Noa Zion

The establisher of Galilee Dreams 

in one of Galilee Dreams herb gardens.