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Herb Plants Galilee

About The Founder


Hi, My name is Noa Zion. I was born in Galilee and lived here all my life.
As a child, I became fascinated by the unique spirit of the Galilee that is revealed in its majestic scenery, its fascinating history, and its spirituality that inspired sages throughout the ages.

Many spiritual sages sprang from the Galilee. Jesus walked through the Galilee trails, scented by the Galilee herbs on His many journeys.
The Rashbi, and later Kabbalists of Safed, breathed the Galilee mountain air and smelled the Galilee herbs when they created the uplifting work of the Kabbalah.

I believe that the proximity of its inhabitants to nature has bestowed upon us the traditional herbal culture.
I established "Galilee Dreams" after having identified the special qualities found in Galilee natural herbs that can improve one's wellbeing. I started growing these herbs in my organic gardens and developed our unique products.

I dream of bringing scents and scenes of the Galilee to people worldwide, in the belief that the story of the Galilee could inspire and excite many. I love imagining the sages walking on Galilee trails, smelling these very scents at historical times.

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