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Galilee Dreams affiliate-influencer-distributer  programs
we currently  have two options: 

The affiliate/influencer program through our site that works like this:

  • You get a coupon code  for your community.

  • Each person that buys products from our site with your code gets a 10% discount and you get 15% on each purchase. (If you want, you can change the percentage distribution, for example, the buyer gets a 12% discount, and you get 13%, etc. It is up to you).


An option in which you bring samples of our products to local communities such as local churches. 

They get the option to buy large quantities (50, 100, 200, or 300). This option involves direct purchase (not through the site) and has for now a limited variety of products:

  • For this option we have a variety of unique and special sachets that are not sold on the site. Talk to us!!

  • You get 20%- 22% of each purchase in this option.

  • The prices drop with larger quantities.  Please write us and we will send you an offer right away.

If you are interested please send us your contact info:

Thanks for submitting!

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