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So they set apart Kedesh in Galilee in the hill country of Naphtali (Joshua 20:7).

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About Us


Galilee Dreams offers a wonderful range of herbal scented sachets and scented candles, made from herbs, plants, and fruit that are grown in the Galilee region in Israel.

This region is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty and vast historical, cultural, and religious significance. At Galilee dreams, we strive to share this wealth of goodness with people around the world.

Our herbal scented sachets are beautifully designed and carefully filled with different blends of home-grown herbs from the Galilee Region.

Herbs have long been used for aromatic, culinary, and medicinal purposes: "Purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be clean” (Psalms 51:9). We use special methods for preserving and enhancing the scent and qualities of the herbs. Our scented candles contain pure olive oil from freshly pressed olives that we grow in our olive groves in the Galilee. 

Galilee Dreams – Experience the abundance of the Galilee Region at home.

The Artwork

Our herbal scented sachets are enveloped in layers of creativity and natural elements from the ancient Galilee Region.

First, textile artist Abbey Rotbart hand-dyes each sachet, using pomegranates for prosperity, oak for strength, or sage for wisdom – all grown in the Galilee.

Next, the artist delicately decorates the outside of the sachet with meaningful motifs, such as the dove and the olive branch that symbolize peace. The olive tree is also the most widely grown tree in the Galilee Region and conveys nature’s generosity.

Finally, the sachets are filled with our organic herbs, including lemon balm, sage, thyme, white-leave savory, and wild marjoram – to create wonderful blends, such as the Galilee Blend and the Holyland Blend

Galilee Dreams – Unique and meaningful gifts from the Galilee.







A word from the Founder...

"You are invited to discover The Galilee through our site and be a part of its unique spirit. Try our products – there is something special waiting for you!"


Dr. Noa Zion

Founder of Galilee Dreams

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