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7 things you should know about our Scented Sachets

Updated: Sep 29, 2021


Our cotton scented sachets are hand-dyed with natural colors from the Galilee. Our textile artist Abbey Rotbart hand-dyes each cotton sachet individually with natural colors from the Galilee. The eco-dyes are produced from the leaves, roots, fruits, bark, and petals of the Galilee plants growing seasonally, including pomegranates, rosemary, sage, and many more, to make your aromatic Galilee Scented Sachet experience unique.


Our textile artist adds to each sachet beautiful original patterns, in gold/ silver so your aromatic galilee scented sachet experience will be enhanced and unique.


You will choose the special blend of Galilee aromatic herbs and we will fill the cotton sachet with the chosen blend that will whisk you into a Galilee field of herbs and connect you to the Galilee/ Holyland abundance.


We grow these natural herbs in our Galilee herb gardens with loving care in raised garden beds, using organic methods with no pesticides. We harvest them by hand and pack them for you so that each Sachet infuses you with the scents of the Galilee as if you were here amidst the shrubs and herbs.


The Scented Sachets help you connect to your special Galilee moment. The Sachets bring you the Galilee abundance, even if you are physically located elsewhere. Make sure you crush the herbs between your fingers to intensify the scent and increase their natural Galilee fragrance that will whisk you to a true place of simplicity and connection to nature.


The Scented Sachets connect you to the land of the Bible. These plants have been growing in local soil since Biblical times and their Hebrew names are preserved in the Biblical traditions: Biblical Hyssop, Salvia, White-Leaved Savory, Thyme, and others. Each has its own unique species that grows naturally in Galilee today as in ancient times.


The Scented Sachets are a wonderful, unique gift from Galilee & the Holyland. The aroma and fragrance-packed Sachets are a wonderful gift from the Galilee, with the unique Galilee essence that has contributed to so many generations throughout history.

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