How Herbs From the Galilee may Strengthen your Connection with the Lord?

These Galilee Herbs Have Transformed The Lives Of Many (Find Out How)

Has negative energy created an imbalance in your life?

Do you look for a glimmer of hope, especially during these hectic times?

This is the position many are finding themselves in during this period. Negative news has the potential to have a subconscious effect on our day to day mood and how we feel.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

It's during times like these when experiencing difficulty in life, we tend to naturally start praying and reaching out to God in order to alleviate the problems we encounter.

Sometimes we just need a sign to reassure us that God is watching over us or even an object or book that helps make us feel closer to his spirit.

This has been a challenging time for women across the world. Some of my close Christian friends with children have had difficulty attending church because of fears of spreading the virus to their family members.

This has meant that many have had to settle at praying at home for now, which can be difficult because of the distractions in a place where their spouces are also working from home alongside children attending class virtually.

Praying at home has been difficult for these women and many others with all the distractions in place.

But there's a solution...

Many explained that they found themselves drifting when settling down for prayer.

Sometimes an object is needed, something to help concentrate and focus.

There are many tools out there to help bring focus: a cross, stones, calligraphy, illumination...the list goes on. These objects have been used throughout history to help individuals remain in a focused state.

However, these objects are not intended to replace prayer or to be used as some folk- "charm" but rather as reminders & tools to help arrive and remain in a sincere & prayerful state.

An object that would allow people to pray from the comfort of their own home and feel a closer connection to the divine through their power of sense.

This is where the Peace & Harmony: Dove Decor Galilee Herbs Scented Sachet from Galilee Dreams has made a considerable difference for many women across the globe.

The process of making the sachets is broken down into three stages:

First, the sachets are filled with a secret blend of 6 Galilee herbs that are dried before filling. These herbs are grown in herb gardens as they are protected by law in the wild due to their significance. There natural scent whisks you to the Holyland- Galilee nature in a second.

Secondly, these sachets are dyed with leaves, roots, fruits, bark, and petals of Galilee trees and shrubs such as oak & pomegranate.

Finally, a textile artist prints original designs and patterns on the eco-dyed sachet ensuring a unique look and feel.

What's so special about Galilee?