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What blessings does Galilee hold for you?

How will you feel being able to bring the essence of Galilee abundance to your home?


Being engaged with products that will give you and your loved ones a unique experience of Galilee? With products that Will make them feel abundant and blessed?


The "Galilee Abundance Giftpack" brings the Galilee straight to your home.


The gift pack includes:

  •  "The Pomegranate eco-dye& Golden design scented sachet" filled with Galilee Blend.
  • The abundance Mezuza - an original work of art made by the Galilee artist Zohar Yules. Each pomegranate-decorated Mezuza is one of a kind. You can add a  Mezuza Parchment (Sepharadi version) manufactured by Kodeshnet.
  • Miniature hand-made pomegranate by potter Raja Atalla from Haifa.  The pottery craft has been passed down from generation to generation in the Atalla family. The everlasting beauty and authenticity of the clay pottery will bring freshness and originality to your home and everyday life!



The Galilee Abundance gift-pack - Laxury gift box | Free Shipping



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