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🌟 Introducing Our Star of David Galilee Blend Scented Sachet! 🌟

Looking for an ancient symbol of protection and serenity? Experience the enchanting essence of Gifts from Galilee with our handcrafted sachet, dyed naturally from fallen pomegranates. 🌿

✨ Why the Star of David? ✨

Each sachet features a golden or silver Star of David, hand-stamped with care. Hang it by your home's entrance to welcome positive energy and keep your loved ones safe.

🌿 About the Galilee Blend 🌿

The Galilee Blend combines mint family herbs native to the Galilee, offering refreshing, revitalizing aromas reminiscent of a Galilee hike.

✨ Handcrafted with Love ✨

Each sachet is a story of heritage, care, and a deep connection to nature.

✨ Refresh Your Sachet ✨

Enhance your experience with our Galilee scent blend, perfect for refreshing your sachet.

Bring the soul of Gifts from Galilee into your home now!

Our textile artist adds to each sachet beautiful golden/silver original patterns of Magen David - The Star of David, designed to safeguard and shield you. בורא מיני בשמים - Your scented sachet is great for the Havdalah ceremony. It is perfect for ushering in the fresh new week.


Your gift also includes a refill sachets of Galillee Blend, so you will be able to enjoy the scent for an extended period.

Galilee Blend Star of David Scented Sachet -Pomegranate Ecodye Gifts from Israel

  • Weight of the sachet: 20g.

    Instructions: Crush the sachet in your hand to intensify the scent.  Smell it whenever you want to feel the Galilee blessings& abundance. Crushing the sachet gradually weakens the scent due to releasing the essential oils. Don't forget to store it in a sealed bag (enclosed).

    Your gift also includes two refill sachets of Galillee Blend (16 g each), so you will be able to enjoy the scent for an extended period.

    Expiry Date: written on the enclosed instructions.

    Important: Use the Scented Sachet just to smell the unique aroma of the Galilee herbs. The herbs in the sachet are not intended for eating or drinking. Galilee herbs are not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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