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"And the dove came into him in the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf plucked off" (Genesis 8:11)

Discover the tranquility of the Galilee with our Galilee Olive Whisper of the Bible: A Gift from Israel. Each item blends ancient symbols and modern craftsmanship. This set includes a scented sachet with Galilee herbs, a pure olive oil candle, olive oil soap, a Peace Dove pendant in silver or gold, and a 250ml bottle of premium olive oil. Perfect as Jewish traditional gifts and Holy Land gifts, available exclusively at our Galilee Gifts from Israel gift shop.

Galilee Olive Whisper of the Bible: A Gift from Israel

  • What's Inside thisgift for You or a Loved Ones?

    100% Natural Olive Oil Candle "Aroma from the Galilee" from Galilee-Dreams - This candle contains olive oil from our Galilee groves. It has a refreshing Galilean aroma and burns brightly with a warm, pure light for about 28 hours, bringing the light of the Galilee into your home.

    "Peace Dove" Scented Sachet from Galilee-Dreams - A cotton sachet filled with a unique blend of Galilean natural herbs, stamped with the Peace Dove symbol. It carries the biblical symbol of hope, offering a natural and refreshing fragrance.

    Peace Dove Bracelet or Necklace - A personal art piece made by Yael Rotbart from gold-filled or 925 sterling silver. Each item is unique, symbolizing peace and unity.

    AYA NATURAL Olive Oil Soap combines the finest olive oil with a citrusy Galilean fragrance, refreshing and nourishing the skin with every use. Produced by AYA NATURAL, located in the heights of the Galilee, it crafts 100% natural products inspired by the region.

    Pure Virgin Olive Oil from Shiloh Estate (Award-Winning): This oil reflects the original and rich taste of Galilean olive oils, with each drop containing the abundance of the land.

    *The olive plant in the image is for illustration only and is not included in the package.

    *The package is not produced on Shabbat.


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