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Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Galilee herbs may offer all-natural assistance with their anti-septic properties

We refer to these herbs as the Royal Family from the Galilee. Read this blog post and you will find out why!

Did you ever wonder whether herbs could be part of your daily comfort routine?

We, at Galilee-Dreams, invite you to become connected to the healing powers that many find in Galilee herbs, in a way that is quite uncommon: Absorbing their qualities by simply smelling their natural aroma, instead of making herbal tea out of these herbs and drink it.

We’re all aware that nature contains a lot of secrets. In fact, before modern times, people found various plants and herbs helpful for minor common symptoms, which may have a potential to offer some assistance to you as well.

Unfortunately, however, this knowledge has been discarded and somewhat forgotten over the last few centuries to favor more modern-day solutions & alternatives, which we highly respect as well. But why not include herbs in our daily routines for enriching our lives?

Many people are now discovering that natural organic gifts may help them cope better with some of the everyday challenges they experience.

You see, the various herbs that grow in Galilee do not only have a historical connotation, but they also may offer numerous benefits that you may not necessarily be aware of.

Therefore, with 2021 having just started, we are excited to introduce another product that could potentially enrich your life, The Wellness & Comfort Trio, which combines three scented sachets that some women have already found great benefit in. The Trio consists of three sachets that focus on specific qualities;

- The Purple Logo Scented Sachet Relax

- The Green Logo Scented Sachet Breathe

- The Black Logo Scented Sachet SLeep

All three sachets have unique aromas that can potentially help provide comfort for the user who smells them. We grow these herbs by ourselves in specially dedicated gardens due to the protection laws surrounding these herbs. Many of the benefits can be attributed to two key components thereof, Thymol and Carvacrol, which are part of the essential oils found in tiny glands on the leaves of many herbs belonging to the Lamiaceae (mint) family.

The Purple Logo Scented Sachet "Relax"

Did you know that Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis ) with the delicate lemon scent is considered the Queen of relaxing herbs? It has been known for ages as one of the best herbs for relaxation and reducing anxiety and stress, and for mood improvement. Many find that it might help them deal with the stresses of everyday life. Look it out on the web. You will find a lot of research works that confirm this.

With its tiny leaves and the wonderful scent, the second herb in the purple logo sachet, White Leaved Savory, enhances Lemon Balm's qualities and contributes to refreshment and calmness.

The Green Logo Scented Sachet - "Breathe"

Filled with dried leaves of Sage, Thyme & Wild Marjoram, we grow in our gardens. The uniquely combined scent of Sage, Thyme & Wild Marjoram has been known to alleviate breathing difficulties when catching a cold.

Thyme!! It's hard to believe that such a delicate herb is so powerful. If the Lemon Balm is the QUEEN, Thyme is the KING!! Thyme's main feature is its anti-septic qualities. It is an anti-microbial herb that dries and opens airway obstructions. If you catch a cold very often in wintertime due to the seasonal weather and in the summertime because of the air conditioning system, or if you often experience expectoration in your throat and your nose is clogged, Thyme might be your preferred herb. Read more about it on the web.

Another respected member of the Galilee Royal Herb Family is the Sage. In the Green logo sachet, the Sage is not the major player but helps enhance Thyme's disinfection qualities and purification. In another post, we will tell you all about other unique qualities of this amazing herb.

In Galilee nature, we can find the Salvia Fruticosa, one of the 700 sub-species of Sage globally.

The third member is the Wild Marjoram, the herb most identified with the Galilee and the best-known spice for food seasoning there. We refer to this herb as a Royal Prince. Modest and shy and not yet aware of his Royal healing powers, even though it has been known since Biblical times as "… the Hyssop that springeth out of the wall" (Kings I,5,13), and is known for thousands of years for its anti-septic qualities: "Purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be clean…" (Psalms 51, 9).

The Black Logo Scented Sachet "SLEEP"

The scented sachet is filled with flowers of Lavender. This herb is relatively rare in the Galilee nature (it grows mainly in France), but we grow it with love in our Galilean herb gardens. We refer to it as the Princess of our Royal family for its beauty and exceptional qualities. Many find that putting this sachet under their pillow at night helps them sleep well due to the unique Lavender's qualities. Having trouble falling asleep? Crush the sachet a bit, smell the aroma, and ... good night ...

Where can I buy The Wellness & Comfort Trio?

You can buy all three sachets as part of The Wellness Trio together here on the Galilee dreams official website. This Trio is now available for $26.90 (whilst stocks last).

Free shipping is offered worldwide so no matter where you are, you can sense and smell the fields of Galilee and keep a piece of it wherever you go.

With Love from Galilee Dreams

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