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Your Inspiring Sage Sachet: A Gift of Wisdom


Bring the essence of Galilee into your home or surprise your loved ones with our Relax Blend Sage eco-dyed scented sachet, which is an original gift designed to remind us of the wisdom and calmness in our life, symbolized by the powerful Sage- the Savior. Imagine the joy of experiencing the enchanting aromas of Galilee wherever you go.



Eco Dye

Eco- Dye is a traditional art. People have been producing colorful fabrics from plants around them, such as roots, bark & leaves, for thousands of years. During the eco-dye process, the sachet is infused with the qualities attributed to these plants throughout the ages.


Sage eco-dyed scented sachet.

Indulge in the Sage Eco-Dye Scented Sachet:

Imbued with the richness of Galilee's Sage, our eco-dyed sachet is a delightful reminder of wisdom in life. The grayish-green shades derived from Galilee's Sage imbue the sachet with a profound sense of wisdom and enlightenment.



Each sachet includes an original design in the color of your choice, of Galilee and Holyland symbols, which is either hand-made or stamped.


Sage flower Design- Hand-made

Experience the artistry of our skilled textile artist as she embellishes the sachet with

 a beautiful green original pattern of the Sage flower designed to remind us of the blossom and wisdom in our life.




As a special bonus, you will be able to add a Refresh bottle for the sachet so you can extend the enjoyment of the enchanting scent and embrace the soothing ambiance of Galilee for an extended period. The mixture of oils in the bottle consists of oils of Galilee herbs in the Galilee Blend and a few more.



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Relax Blend - Sage flower design scented sachet | Sage eco-dyed

  • The dried Galilee herbs in the Galilee Blend are part of the Lamiaceae family of plants, the Mint Family.

    This unique aroma treasured in our scented sachets will let you feel Galilee’s nature as it has been felt by Galilee people for ages.

    These herbs grow in Galilee nature for thousands of years but are protected by law, so we grow them for you in our Galilee Dreams Herb Gardens, pick, dry, fill in our scented sachets so you can enjoy the unique aroma and absorb their traits. .

    Key components of the essential oils of the Galilee Mints are Thymol & Carvacrol that are known for their antiseptic properties for thousands of years.


    Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) is an herb with a delicate lemon flavor that grows mainly near freshwater sources in Galilee. 

    It has been known for ages as one of the best herbs for relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress, and mood improvement. Many find that it might help them deal with the stresses of everyday life. 

    Its lemon-mint scent gives us a sense of freshness and renewal. 



     This herb is relatively rare in The Galilee nature (it grows mainly in France), but we grow it with love in our Galilean herb gardens. Many find that putting this sachet under their pillow at night helps them sleep well due to the unique Lavender's qualities. Having trouble falling asleep? Crush the sachet a bit, smell the aroma, and ... good night


    White-Leaved Savory (Micromeria Fruticose)

     White-Leaved Savory is a shrub with very small, green-grayish plain leaves with tiny white flowers. Four of its species grow wild in the Galilee. This herb is considered the finest herb for herbal blends because, in addition to its herbalistic qualities, it is simply delicious, and its amazing scent that has a trace of mint, gives us a sense of freshness and renewal. 

    **Use the Scented Sachet just to smell the unique scent of the Galilee herbs. The herbs & essential oils in the sachet are not intended for eating or drinking. Galilee herbs are not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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