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How will you feel being able to bring the essence of the Galilee to your (or your loved ones) homes? 


Natural- “The Galilee in your hand” scented sachet 

Our new "Galile in your hand" scented sachet brings you to the Galilee in a second. You can fill any blend you choose but we suggest the Galilee blend so when you will smell the natural aroma and you will be able to enjoy the scents of the Galilee as if you were here amidst the shrubs and herbs, and experience Galilee blessing.


**Your gift also includes a refill sachet of Galillee Blend, so you will be able to enjoy the scent for an extended period.

Galilee blend-natural- The Galilee in your hand scented sachet & a refill sachet

  • Weight of the sachet: 20g.

    Instructions: Crush the sachet in your hand to intensify the scent. Smell it whenever you want to feel the Galilee blessings& abundance. Crushing the sachet gradually weakens the scent due to releasing the essential oils. Don't forget to store it in a sealed bag (enclosed).

    Your gift also includes two refill sachets of Galillee Blend (16 g each), so you will be able to enjoy the scent for an extended period.

    Expiry Date: written on the enclosed instructions.

    Important: Use the Scented Sachet just to smell the unique aroma of the Galilee herbs. The herbs in the sachet are not intended for eating or drinking. Galilee herbs are not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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