Troubled by Your Daily Pressures? 5 Ways Galilee Herbs Might Help You!

Updated: Feb 19

Our personal moments of distress, let alone the current uneasy situation surrounding us at times, may put us under heavy pressures. To that, one should add our busy, often hectic, times in this modern era – away from the good old sources of solace and mental support we used to resort to in past days: family, community, nature, religion… In short, we sometimes find ourself somewhat fragile, in need of external support.

Have you ever thought of getting it from Galilee, the Holy Land's northern region?

Well, you would say, how?

Simple: You have in your hand a cotton sachet filled with a special blend of Galilee herbs grown in our organic herb gardens. You don't need to eat them, nor drink. Just smell them, and Galilee's aroma will find its way into your body and soul. The herbs are dried, but you will vigorously feel Galilee's natural freshness in there.

What is this aroma like? You may ask.

Well, each person feels it differently. Some would be reminded of a nearby wood after a rainy night; others may think of a heap of hay that has been recently cut; still others would sense particular herbs within the blend, such as sage or marjoram. It is a personal experience, a rewarding one, I can assure you.

(1) That is one of the five ways of help I was mentioning above: the immediate enjoyment of Galilee's natural scents, which will uplift your spirit. And, if the sachet in your hand carries a unique hand-decorated gold or silver artistic pattern, you enjoy that too. That is the case as well with the dove-theme silver bracelet or necklace that might accompany your sachet in some of our deals.